About us

A small group of professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs sought a place to connect. What they really needed was a place to relax and escape the stresses of daily life, have a quiet place to enjoy a drink and a cigar, or stop in before or after the game. A place to host friends and colleagues.

When they could not find exactly what they sought, they decided to build it themselves. And so The Hemingway was born. We'll be launching additional Hemingway locations in cities around the country in the coming year.

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Upcoming Events

Member Appreciation

Join us for a weekly Member Appreciation night. Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8:30. This is a chance for all of our Members to gather together weekly. If you are a Prospective Member, this is your chance to stop in, see the club, and meet some members. Perhaps meet a member who would like to sponsor you to join The Hemingway. Contact Carly, JD, or Josh to arrange an invitation.

The Hemingway will provide hors d’ourvres. 


Membership Form


    The Hemingway is a private club, and as such we are not open to the public. Member may invite guests to The Hemingway through the purchase of a Provisional Membership.

    The Hemingway is not a bar in the traditional sense. We do not sell or provide alcohol. Members are allowed to bring in alcohol and do occasionally leave this alcohol for others to enjoy.

    We are building other locations of The Hemingway, here in the Twin Cites and across the country. In most cases, your Membership at one Hemingway provides reciprocity for other locations as well.

    We do not sell cigars. For those who are looking to enjoy a cigar, perhaps on the patio in one of the most photographed alleyways in Minneapolis, it is a bring-your-own model. We do provide lockers in which to keep your cigars.

    We do not sell alcohol. For those who are looking to enjoy a drink, you are free to bring in your beverage of choice. Members often leave beverages for others, as you are free to do as well.
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